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Ceiling Track Hoists, Mobile Hoists & Patient Moving

Ceiling Track Hoists Make Bathing, Lifting and Mobility Easy

Here at ACS Healthcare, we are knowledgeable and experienced in supplying a range of healthcare products including medical beds, mobile hoists, ceiling track hoists and stair lifts. Our staff make a big effort to understand the individual needs of our clients, and do our very best to tailor our suggestions and proposals to meet the specific requirements of the individual.

Ceiling Track Hoists for Bariatric and Disabled Clients

Ceiling track hoists and mobile hoists are incredibly useful for lifting disabled and bariatric clients. To a mobile person, simple everyday things such as bathing and getting out of bed are seen as second nature, not as hurdles. But for the disabled or bariatric patient, simply getting out of bed, getting into the shower or moving around their home can cause a whole range of difficulties.

It can also be a significant struggle for the carer, as attempting to move a patient can be hazardous for the nurse or carer involved. Therefore, the use of ceiling track hoists and mobile hoists have become an integral part of delivering health and social care services across the world. But it is very important to use this type of equipment correctly, as injuries can occur when hoisting patients if the correct procedures are not adhered to.

That's why, at ACS Healthcare, we dedicate a great deal of time and effort to establishing what product is best for the needs of a particular client. The type of mobile hoist or ceiling track hoist has to be selected to suit the individual and for the specific task required from it. For example, the type of ceiling hoist or mobile hoist has to offer the client adequate support and effectively reduce the risk of accidents involved in moving patients.

The Importance of Regular Ceiling Track Hoist Servicing

Providing that the manufacturers advice is adhered to when operating a ceiling track hoist, they are very effective and can improve the life of a patient significantly. However, if a mobile hoist or ceiling track hoist isn't properly serviced, there is a chance that equipment could fail due to poor maintenance, lack of inspection, or inappropriate repair or modification.

If you are in need of a ceiling track hoist or mobile hoist, ACS Healthcare can help. We specialise in providing a range of dedicated care products from leading manufacturers, and we also offer ceiling track hoist servicing and mobile hoist servicing. Call us today on 0114 288 9912 for more information.