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Ceiling Track Hoists, Mobile Hoists & Patient Moving

Enjoy Your Summer Holiday with Disabled Accommodation including Wheelchair Access and Ceiling Track Hoists

Being disabled and needing specialist equipment and care isn't easy. For some people, it can limit the things that they are able to do with their lives, going on holiday being one of them. But needing specialist equipment such as ceiling track hoists doesn't mean that you are unable to travel or take a vacation, it just means that you need to find the right accommodation!

There are plenty of places that you can travel to, visit and holiday at that are fully equipped to cater for your care needs, whether you need a ceiling track hoist, a mobile hoist, or any other specialist equipment. There are many places right here in the UK that provide fantastic holiday opportunities for those people with mild to severe physical disabilities such as wheelchair access, ceiling track hoists or permission to have your guide dog on the premises.

Luxury Holiday Accommodation with Ceiling Track Hoists

If your disability means that you need specialist disabled equipment such as a ceiling track hoist, you can still have a relaxing, enjoyable holiday. A quick search on the internet will reveal a wide range of accessible holiday cottages in the UK, for example, that are fully equipped to cater for your needs. There are also a number of disabled friendly hotels and bed and breakfasts around, which means that the luxury city break or relaxing sea side holiday you have been dreaming of is well within your reach.

Venture Abroad to a Disabled Holiday Villa

If you do want to venture a little further than the UK and experience a holiday abroad, don't let your disability hold you back and prevent you from exploring the world. There are plenty of disabled holiday villas available that have been carefully adapted to include a range of facilities from profiling beds, ceiling track hoists, bathroom wheelchair access and other mobility aids. So whether it's a beautiful Spanish villa that you are daydreaming about or a lovely place in the South of France, your dream holiday is well within your reach.

Suppliers and Installers of Ceiling Track Hoists, Sheffield

Here at ACS Healthcare, we provide a range of ceiling track hoists, track hoists and mobile hoists which are perfect for enabling you to get around your home. For help and advice about ceiling track hoists contact us on 0114 288 9912 for more information today.