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Ceiling Track Hoists, Mobile Hoists & Patient Moving

What Are the Advantages of Using Ceiling Track Hoists for Your Care Needs?

Ceiling track hoists are great for providing access throughout a building for those that have mobility problems or disabilities. If a person is having trouble standing and moving about due to an illness or ongoing disability, a hoist may be very helpful in order to transfer them from one place to another.

How Do Ceiling Track Hoists Work?

Ceiling track hoists are fitted onto the ceiling of a residential home, hospital or care home. They consist of a track with a motor and hanger, and can be a permanent fixture for as long as it is required. They can be fitted over a bed so that the person can be moved into a wheelchair or mobile commode, aiding with the everyday difficulties that the disabled or ill face.

What Are the Advantages of Ceiling Track Hoists?

Ceiling track hoists are very beneficial, primarily because they make caring for a disabled person that much easier. Using a ceiling track hoist can reduce the number of carers needed by the patient from 2 to 1, which is highly recommended if care is being provided by the local authority. Therefore, this equipment can significantly reduce the costs of long term care for the person, allowing them to improve their quality of life in other areas.

Another advantage of a ceiling track hoist is that they are fixed to the ceiling and therefore out of the way. As they are fixed in this manner, they don't need moving around the way that mobile hoists do, making them much easier and quicker. Sometimes, a person may be able to use the hoist themselves, which takes the strain off a carer and means that they can have more independence.

Specialists in Ceiling Track Hoist Servicing and Repair

Here at ACS Healthcare Ltd, we specialise in providing a range of dedicated care products from many leading manufacturers, including profiling beds, mobile hoists, track hoists and pressure relieving mattresses. We also specialise in ceiling track hoist servicing and repair and mobile hoist servicing and repair.

If you are looking for a ceiling track hoist for use in your home, we have a great range of quality, well designed, functional track hoists that will make getting around that bit easier for you. If you need your ceiling track hoist servicing or repairing, we can help there too. Call us today on 0114 288 9912 for more information.