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MP’s Push for Disabled Homes with Modifications and Ceiling Track Hoists to be Exempt from Bedroom Tax

As leading suppliers of ceiling track hoists for the disabled, ACS Healthcare naturally keeps abreast of the news with regard to issues that affect the disabled, such as those who have a ceiling track hoist in their home.

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, the UK government’s controversial bedroom tax is under fire from MPs, who insist it is causing ‘severe distress’ to the disabled.

The cross-party committee of MPs has concluded that disabled people are suffering “severe financial hardship and distress” as a result of the so-called bedroom tax.

The tax is officially called the social sector size criteria (SSSC), and reduces housing benefit payments from social tenants who are deemed to have a larger home than they need. But MP’s are concerned that vulnerable people such as the disabled are being unfairly hit due to their inability to move to a smaller property.

Adapted Homes with Ceiling Track Hoists

The House of Commons work and pensions Committee is urging ministers to exempt anyone whose home has been adapted to help them with their disability, such as a ceiling track hoist or other measures to aid their mobility. It is also calling for any household containing a claimant receiving disability benefits at a higher level to be exempt too.

There is also a current cap on benefits at £26,000 a year, which also applies to carers who live with disabled people. The committee’s report suggest that carers should be exempt from the benefit cap, arguing that it has had an ‘adverse effect’ on parents or adult children caring for a relative in their own home.

The committee's chair Dame Anne Begg said: "The Government's reforms are causing severe financial hardship and distress to vulnerable groups, including disabled people. 60%-70% of households in England affected by the SSSC contain somebody with a disability and many of these people will not be able to move home easily due to their disability. So, they have to remain in their homes with no option but to have their housing benefit reduced."

Specialist Ceiling Track Hoist Providers

As suppliers of ceiling track hoists and other mobility solutions for the disabled, ACS Healthcare sincerely hopes that the government reconsiders the benefit cap with regard to the disabled and their carers. It’s worrying that the cap may force carers into work and the disabled may suffer as a result.

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